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>>>A few wallpapers... [6~9~08 - 3:54pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

These have been sitting around on my computer so I figured I might as well put them somewhere... Anime-Paper is too elite for my sorry skills... ;__;

They're mostly wide screen, since I have a wide screen monitor.

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>>>Lots of banners, 'friends only' and textless [2~25~07 - 5:27pm]

[ mood | blah ]

I'm busy procrastinating and NOT doing the things I should be doing, so I did something else. >> I made signatures for my Gaiaonline mules and edited them slightly to make regular banners. All of the ones that say 'friends only' also have a textless version.

Feel free to use the textless banners however you like, add your own text, use as a forum signature, whatever.


textless version
>>>more bannersCollapse )
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>>>Crack-doodle icons! Elfen Lied-28, Inuyasha-11 [10~25~06 - 12:06am]

[ mood | blah ]

I have some... unique... icons to share. I made a whole mess of icons out doodles and drawings I've done on the computer. These poorly-drawn pictures are meant to be funny, and while they may not look like much, I do put a lot of effort into all of my work. That said, I strongly urge you to credit me if you use these. If you don't, you will not be shot or banned, but you will make Katie (me) very sad and/or angry and you will suffer all consequences therein. So... enjoy!

Elfen Lied-28


>>>Elfen LiedCollapse )
>>>InuyashaCollapse )

X-posted to inuicons, sesshyxrin, and elfenlied_icons

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>>>Elfen Lied-4, Negima-5, Original art-18 [10~10~06 - 12:12am]

[ mood | cramps... ]

Useless. I am sad and mopey and tired and useless. But, hey! I made some icons.

4-Elfen Lied (Lucy)
5-Negima (Setsuna, Evangeline)
18-Jungle Girl (Mixed Nuts)


>>>Elfen LiedCollapse )

>>>NegimaCollapse )

>>>Jungle GirlCollapse )

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>>>Sess/Rin collective icon post... ♥ [8~22~06 - 11:05pm]

[ mood | post the damn chapter already! ]

While ANXIOUSLY AWAITING THE RELEASE OF CHAPTER 470... I decided to share some Sess/Rin icons for those who are in Sess/Rin agony/ecstasy... I hope you guys like, and don't forget to credit the original artists!

>>>Sess/Rin is ♥Collapse )

X-posted: sesshyxrin

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>>>CLAMP-Murikuri (x45) and Kobato (x2) icons [8~21~06 - 12:23am]

[ mood | exhausted ]

Art from Murikuri and Kobato, both by Clamp. Murikuri is several short stories, insane, random, and about as close to crack as clamp gets... I used the pictures from the top of each 'part' because I thought they were spiffy. I made a whole bunch of icons, so have at it! Also, two Ioryogi icons... He's my latest infatuation... Originally from Kobato, he also appears in the Clamp no Kiseki comics.

Such a tease!

>>>now, beg for it!Collapse )

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>>>SPECIAL!! Icons to cheer up Tomoe!! [8~17~06 - 12:03am]

[ mood | ... ]

Because my beloved Tomoe is having shit of everything recently, I wanted to do something to cheer her up. Since I can't fly to her house to shoot her husband's employers, I made some icons. They're pretty useless, as is most things I do, but if it can put a smile on Tomoe's face, hell, even a grin, then I'm happy.

>>>'specially for TomoeCollapse )

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>>>ALL icons I have ever made as of 7/15/o6... [7~15~06 - 10:25pm]

[ mood | my eyes burn... ]

It's interesting to see the quality deteriorate as you scroll down in each category... Ahh, I remember the time when my icons consisted of fancy templates and blinking colors. Good gravy, they were bad... *nostalgia* Anywho... Here they are, in one covenient location!


NOTICE!!:These are all the icons I have ever made to date. There are many. You are warned.

>>>All Inuyasha IconsCollapse )

>>>All Sailormoon iconsCollapse )

>>>All Clamp works iconsCollapse )

>>>All Fruits Basket iconsCollapse )

>>>All Hellsing iconsCollapse )

>>>All Miscellaneous iconsCollapse )

>>>All Original iconsCollapse )

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>>>19 Sailormoon manga icons... [7~5~06 - 11:21pm]

[ mood | need... sleep... ]

I don't know why, but I spent the whole day today making Sailormoon icons... I actually think these are pretty good, so I got brave and put them here. I'm not fluent in Japanese by any stretch of the imagination, and as such, I had to rely on Babelfish for looking up the kanji. I'm fairly certain they're all correct, but if they're not, do tell me and I'll fix it. So... I hope you like!

Lethe and Mnemosyne Chibiusa spending the night at Mamoru&apos;s and wearing his shirt. The text says &apos;Chibiusa&apos;
>>>rest hereCollapse )

X-posted>>> moonie_icons

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>>>6 Negima transparent PNGs [7~5~06 - 11:33am]

[ mood | wooo... ]

Here are some images that I've cleaned up as best I could and made into PNG format for easy use in graphics-making. Since all I did was make them transparent, no credit is required if you take and use them. The site I got the B+W scans from is no longer there, so I can't link back to them. The colored image is from an adult doujinshi I found (O___o) called Jamma 5, by Sou Mikagami and Yu-ji Kurenai. Don't ask...

:+: Asuna :+:
:+: Tatsumiya :+:
:+: Iichino and Negi :+:
:+: Asuna and Setsuna :+:
:+: Evangeline and Chachazero :+:
:+: Chachamaru and Chachazero :+:

♥no direct linking
♥use however you want
♥credit is not necessary
♥colored image from Jamma 5
♥B+W manga scans from aquastar

X-posted>>> mahora
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>>>9 Hellsing icons... [7~5~06 - 10:53am]

[ mood | meh... ]

Hellsing is a more recent obsession of mine, and I felt the need to make some icons, so here they are. All are images from the manga. They make the best faces... hehe...


>>>rest hereCollapse )
X-posted>>> hellsing_icons

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>>>The fruits of a free day... [5~31~06 - 9:30pm]

[ mood | I hate everything... ]

7 Inuyasha icons... wow...

This is Sesshoumaru and RIN! R-I-N!! art by Windscape, CREDIT THEM, DAMN YOU! Wow... this one actually looks pretty good... it says &apos;Kanna&apos;
{art by Windscape}
>>>rest hereCollapse )

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>>>Wallpapers that are halfway decent... [5~15~06 - 11:46pm]

[ mood | .......meh ]

These are the only wallpapers I've made that are any good... I like them, but admittedly, most of them took very little skill to make... Anywhoo, credits are listed on the layout of this comm and also here. These are all 1024x768 with 88x31 thumbnails (click to see wallpaper and hover for info).

preetty brushes and that&apos;s about it... lots of layering and blending effects overlaying and blending of several older wallpapers
>>>rest are here<<<Collapse )
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>>>Yay! [5~14~06 - 9:27pm]

[ mood | w00t ]

Cuz I had to post something...

>ERBEAR 100!
>>Sesshoumaru and Rin ♥
>>>>♥ w00t icons! ♥Collapse )

>SM100 (unofficial)
>>Galaxia and the Animamates
>>>♥ w00t icons! ♥Collapse )

♥no redistibuting (why would you? they're not that good...)
♥credit please! >>>himmelmez, sehwa, or splattered dark
♥resource credits are listed on the layout of this comm and also here.

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